Being the best choice in Asia, NCTU is always waiting for you!!

In NCTU, you can

  1. Have the great balance between the basic science and applied science.
  2. Have the best and the most complete science and engineering departments in Taiwan.
  3. Blend the humanism with the technology.
  4. Have the best faculty and students in Taiwan.
  5. Have the greatest researching and inventing potential in Asia.

Any interested students are welcome to contact us. We are always waiting for your joining.

Website: www.europe.nctu.edu.tw
Facebook: NCTU Europe
Address: Skeppsgrand 3, Chalmers University of Technology S-412 96 Gothenburg, Sweden
Tel: +46(0)31-7722588

NCTU Europe is to promote the exchange of students and faculty members, enhance the visibility of NCTU in Sweden and her neighborhood, and encourage cooperation between NCTU and Chalmers. NCTU is regarded as the cradle of Taiwan's hi-tech industry and development. Many national research institution are nearby and collaborating with NCTU. In addition, a great many entrepreneurs and CEO's in the HsinchuScience-baseIndustrial Park are NCTU's alumni.

At NCTU Europe, we can provide interested students and other Swedish personnel with additional information concerning NationalChiaoTungUniversity and introduce recent development in technology in Taiwan.We welcome all interested students, personnel, and companies to visit our office.